Elephant Refuses To Part With Its Caretaker In This Adorable Video. WATCH

Elephants, also known as gentle giants are one of the most adorable animals around. They easily get attached to their human caretakers. A video showcasing the deep attachment between a young elephant and its caregiver, as it refuses to leave him has gone viral on the internet.

The video shared on the microblogging site X, formerly Twitter by Ananth Rupanagudi shows a man, who is supposedly the  caretaker, trying to ride a pillion in front of the elephant. As he moves towards the bike, the elephant embraces the man with its trunk. Despite several attempts by the caretaker to ride the bike, the elephant does not let him go and continues to insist on hugging him.

“The bonding between the elephant and it’s caretaker – it won’t just let him go!,” reads the caption of the post shared by Rupanagudi.

Since being shared, the video has amassed close to 43,000 views, 1,352 likes and tons of comments.

“Ohh ..such a nice bond..god bless..this video made my day,” commented one user on seeing the video.

Speecless… Tears Rolled down from eyes… They can’t speak , but Love n Affection has no language… Just feel… GOD BLESS U ALL,” wrote another user.

“Look how carefully he is handling….he is very gentle..he knows he is powerful,” commented a third.

“Beauty, innocent , pure, harmless, selfless luv n bonding, hard to see amongst humans,” wrote a fourth.


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