Carmella unhappy with WWE’s tweet on her 36th birthday

Carmella wasn’t thrilled with WWE’s birthday wish to her on its official Twitter handle.

The Princess of Staten Island turned 36 on October 23, 2023. She is on a hiatus due to her pregnancy and regularly shares updates with her fans on her Instagram and Twitter handles.

Carmella celebrated her 36th birthday during her WWE break and received wishes from all corners of the wrestling world. WWE’s official Twitter handle sent her a birthday wish as well. The Twitter account usually lists all the major accolades of a WWE Superstar whenever it wishes them a happy birthday.

In this case, though, WWE didn’t list her accolades, and she wasn’t too happy. She responded to WWE’s tweet by letting them know that they messed up.

“You forgot to list all of my accolades…………” she wrote.

Carmella is a former SmackDown Women’s Champion

The 36-year-old star won the first-ever Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder match in 2017. She successfully cashed it in on Charlotte Flair a year later to win her only SmackDown Women’s Title.

In a chat with Ryan Satin of Out of Character, she opened up about the big MITB win.

“I was super excited. At that point in my career, I had never won a title and thought it was something that would solidify me as making history. Even though I wasn’t the one grabbing the briefcase and I knew that would be very controversial, but I thought it’s even better that it’s controversial because people would be talking about it. It was trending on Twitter for a few days because people were so upset. To me, I loved the drama and controversy,” she said. [H/T Fightful]

Carmella can’t wait to step back into the squared circle following her pregnancy, but she certainly won’t be rushing it. Her fans would love to see her win another major singles title in the near future.

Drop your reactions to Carmella’s response to WWE in the comments section below!

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